Hillman 372530 Hollow Wall Anchor, 3/16

Highlights: Size: 3/16″ long Drill size: 3/8″ Grip range: 3/4″ to 1-1/8″ Body length: 3-1/8″ Screw length: 3-1/2″ When anchor is fully expanded, spider-like legs draw tightly against backside of the wall Two prongs on the head of the shell prevent the anchor from rotating during expansion Ideal for use in drywall, paneling, plywood, block and more Box/25
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rooCASE 3n1 EVA Hard Shell (Green) Case with Memory Foam / DMW-BCH7 800mAh Li-Ion Battery / AC DC Charger for Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP1D Digital Camera Orange

rooCASE Limited Lifetime Warranty. Exterior Dimension 5.2″ L x 3.6″ W x 2.1 D”. Interior Dimension 4.15″ L x 2.5″ W x 1.1″ D. Like a kangaroo safely carries her young in her pouch, rooCASE offers protective solutions for your precious electronic possessions. rooCASE designers work with your needs in mind, ensuring that cases have not only sturdy exteriors, but also the right-size pockets for smaller accessories. From this starting point of practicality, our designers then consider what”s hip now. Choose from an array of functional yet fashionable cases for your laptop, netbook, or handheld or other electronic device. With rooCASE, quality and craftsmanship meets cutting-edge design.
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